Here are our most frequently asked questions. 

Why should I join the Rethink Online Research Panel?
Rethink Online Research panels are fun and profitable. When you participate in our surveys, you are paid cash each and every time. No points to collect, no lotteries or sweepstakes, no gimmicks. Our surveys pay between $1 and $50, with the most common payment averaging $5 to $10. How much you are paid is based on how much time it will take to participate. The longer and/or more complex a survey, the more you will be paid.

When will I get paid for a survey?
Rewards come in the form of an electronic gift card and arrive within 1-3 weeks of your participation..

How can I receive more survey invitations from you?
Invitations are sent to the panel using the demographic information you provide at sign-up. There is no need to ask for more invitations from us. You will be notified when your basic demographic criteria matches what we are looking for.

How come I was invited to participate in a paid survey, but the link isn't working?
We hate to turn people away, but because our surveys pay a cash incentive 100% of the time, all of our surveys have participant limits. Most of our surveys close out within about 48 hours, so to improve your chances of participating in our studies, check your email regularly.

How many survey invitations will I receive from you?
That's difficult to predict. In some months you may get several invitations a week. And then you may go a month and not hear from us at all. The number of invitations you receive is based on our survey requirements and whether or not you match the consumer profile we are looking for.

What if I get an invitation to a survey, but I don't have the time to do it? Will that affect future invitations?
There's no pressure being on the Rethink Online Research panel. If you receive an invitation from us, you can choose to participate or not. It has no effect on future invitations you will receive from us.

Do all surveys have pre-screening requirements?
Yes, there are usually pre-screening requirements for our surveys. We use a pre-screening questionnaire to assemble the exact type of respondent we need. Sometimes we look for people who have done a certain activity, purchased a specific product or believe in a specific statement. Other times we are looking for the people who have NOT done a certain activity, NOT purchased a product or DO NOT believe in a specific statement. Because you will not know what we are looking for when we recruit for our surveys, just answer the questions truthfully.

Do I have to be a member of the panel to participate in your studies?
Some of our surveys are open to anyone, registered with us or not. But only people who have registered with the panel will be paid for survey participation.

Do you accept panelists from all over the world?
At this time we are only accepting U.S. residents into our panel.

What kind of surveys do you do?
We are a consumer-focused research company, whose surveys are geared to products, services and concepts that are consumer-based. Our research has touched on many industries including retail, food and beverage, leisure activities, cars, clothing, travel and more. Whenever a specific client wants to get into the mind of a consumer before a product is available in stores, before a commercial airs on TV, before a new product is developed or to give a strategic direction, our research helps.

Are surveys open to kids too?
When you register to join our panel, all the members of your household are eligible to participate. However, there are stricter guidelines for kids under the age of 13. We are fully compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which is federal legislation that dictates how a company can "talk" to kids online. As such, a specific permission slip must be signed and sent to us before anyone under the age of 13 can participate in our studies. Click here to download the permission form.

How do I join the Rethink Online Research panel?
To register your household, send an email to panels@rethinkonlineresearch.com


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