Online Survey Question Types

Online Survey Question Types


Closed-ended (multiple choice) questions

Questions are programmed to get the kind of response you need: Select one, Select all that apply, Select (a number you specify)

Open-ended (text responses)

These responses help dimensionalize your findings. It allows respondents to explain their rationale about a question. It adds personality, emotion and detail to your data.


Allows your choices to be compared to one another in relative terms. You can visualize your data from most to least.

Grids and Tables

A variety of looks and designs are available to make your survey questions easy to navigate, appealing to the eye and comfortable for the respondent.


Responses to questions are required, making it impossible to collect data from respondents that have abandoned the survey before completion or skipped through pages along the way to the end.

Skip Logic

Allows questions to be tailored in a logical manner from one question to another.

Text Piping

Responses from one question can be used to help frame questions later in the survey.