Capture the insights you need to make important business decisions.


Consumer research can balance dialogue, validate data, and better inform your decisions. Share your online research objectives and we’ll develop and analyze custom surveys, field studies, and generate online applications so that you can meet your data requirements and goals.



Online Surveys

Online surveys can be the most efficient way to access consumers instantly. They also open the door to geographic dispersion, larger sample sizes and considerable cost savings. Online surveys can be as simple or complex as you need them to be, and no survey is too short. Even one burning question can be fielded. With new technologies online survey taking is becoming more interactive as well as the visualization of the results.

Online Chats (Moderation Available)

Sometimes you want to be a part of the dynamic that brings many people together and see how a "conversation" unfolds. Online chat rooms are a perfect way to get national demographics in a single place at a designated time.


Bulletin Boards

Online bulletin boards allow respondents to visit a “chat room” over a period of two or three days to answer questions. Throughout the chat period, an online moderator posts his/her own comments and questions to engage respondents. Each participant is able see the responses from other people on the board, and can comment on what is written.

Traditional or Video Focus Groups

Sometimes you just want to sit in a room, either physically or virtually. with your target audience and hear what they have to say. With panel representation in all 50 states, let us know where you want to sit down, and we can get you the people to participate in your discussion. Opportunities exist to used enhanced software giving you the control to create video clips of the best moments.


Strategic Consultation

Each research project has a discreet beginning (developing goals and objectives and writing the survey questions), middle (securing your custom panel and fielding the survey) and end (topline summaries, in-depth analyses or presentation-ready reports). Throughout each stage, Rethink Online Research is available to help you as much or as little as you like.